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Breakout Line

This cabling system uses a cable composed of multiple single elements; the fibers are protected one by one by aramid yarn and a 2mm diameter cable, each one of these is number coded and jacketed with an ulterior sheath.

Factory connectorised and factory tested it is particularly suited for connecting equipment and/or panels, its ruggedness permits the cables to be laid even where there are no protective ducts dedicated to fiber optics.

The length of the cable, the fiber type and the connector type are defined by the customer, the length of the fanout legs can be adapted in the installation phase or defined at the time of ordering; the product is sent in specially designed packaging and includes the test report.

Installation is quick and easy; no specialised personnel or expensive equipment required therefore time and cost are significantly reduced. Breakout Line system can be re-used further to adds, moves or changes in the network.

Illustration by: multiforme


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