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CSF3 Compact Fiber System

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CSF3 Compact Fiber System

CFS3 is a system for managing the connection of high density fiber optics, scalable and based on modular technology for 19” subracks, in accordance with IEC 60297-3 regulations.

The network infrastructure which is based on a scalable and modular system is agile and flexible with a view to future implementations therefore rationalizing investments to suit the real needs of the moment.

CFS3 finds the right compromise between high density and manageability especially when a system has reached its maximum expansion, guaranteeing reliability and security.

The module is 3U high and 7TE wide and holds up to 12 optical terminations; each subrack can hold up to 12 modules for a maximum of 144 fibers.

The extra lengths of loose tubes are sorted in a 1U tray so that the modules can be completely extracted for splicing and maintenance. The front of the tray has bend radius limiters which can rotate for the correct routing of the patchcords.

The modules are divided in two separate areas: one for splicing loose cables and one for storing the extra lengths of pigtails and also preterminated Light line system cables (riser or mini-breakout).

Modules with the most common standards of connectors and fibers are available.

Illustration by: multiforme


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