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Easy Line System

Easy Line system is a ready to use cable for indoor or outdoors and it is completely factory assembled and factory tested.

There are no splices or connections along the cable: the fibers pass through the divider and are separated and protected singularly by a 2mm diameter cable reinforced with aramid yarn.

The connectorised ends are protected by a small flexible metal tube, crush proof and with high tensile strength; once the tube is removed the divider may be used as a cable gland by means of a mounting nut PG 16.

Installation is quick and simple and does not require specialised personnel or costly instrumentation, significantly reducing time and cost.

The length of the cable, the type of fiber and the connectors are customer specific at the time of ordering to suit application requirements; the product is then wrapped in specially designed packaging and sent to the client along with the test report.

Easy Line System can be easily re-used without waste or re-working.

Illustration by: multiforme


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