FDU Fiber Mgt Drawer Universal

FDU Fiber Mgt Drawer Universal

Fiber Management Drawer Universal series provides a safe and flexible solution for connectivity problems in your fiber optic network.

The internal telescopic tray is completely extractable allowing for straightforward installation, maintenance and expansion even while the network is in use: the bend radius of the fibers is kept under control while the tray is being extracted eliminating the risk of interruption of the service.

The angled panel, available either left facing or right facing, not only reduces the risk of exposing eyes to invisible laser rays but also allows for excellent management of incoming cables and the correct routing of the patchcords to the electronic equipment. The frontal tray protects the connection against accidental knocks and bangs.

FDU can be installed in any 19” or metric rack (ETSI), and panels are available which accomodate the most common types of connector; it can be preloaded with pigtails to speed up the installation process.

Cable entry can be from the side or the rear with kits which are cable specific and guarantee flexibility of the system and correct routing of the fibers.

Illustration by: multiforme


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