Micro Breakout Cable System

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Micro Breakout Cable System

The need to expand the services off ered by telecommunication operators requires an ever greater use of fi ber optics; in certain cases it is necessary to take the connection straight to the client (FTTH).

This expansion requires a re-thinking of the network infrastructure and of the relative components: in particular the central offi ce must now manage a large number of fi ber optics.

Micro Breakout System cables are a valid solution for connecting high density apparatus and optical distribution frame (ODF). They are entirely assembled in-house and are ready for use. A reduction of more than 70% in terms of weight and dimension of the cables allows for the decongestion and re-dimensioning of the cableducting system.

Thanks to the slimmer structure and to the Bend Sensitive application of the fi bers, the Micro Breakout cables are more fl exible and easier to manage than traditional cables. The cables’ fanout leg-lengths can be personalized: for example in decreasing size order and in proportion to the distance between the ports of the specifi ed equipment, or they can be made to fi t into a particular ODF tray. Whatever the case this can be defi ned by the client at the time of ordering.

Illustration by: multiforme


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