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Mobile Line System

Mobile Line System is a ready to use cable, sturdy yet light and easily transportable it is particularly suited to outdoor use.

There are no splices or connections along the cable: the fibers pass through the divider and are separated and protected singularly by a 2.5mm diameter cable reinforced with aramid yarn.

The terminations are protected by a flexible coated steel tube which guarantees a high level of environmental protection (IP 67) high tensile strength and high crush-resistance.

Mobile Line system can be assembled with the most common types of connectors or with multiway connectors where there are harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

The cable is available for up to 12 fibers, the structure although light and flexible is tread-proof, has high abrasion resistance, high oil and fuel resistance and high tensile strength.

Many different reel types are available in either plastic or steel to house different lengths and types of cable as defined by the client; the brake mechanism and the handle allow for easy rewinding and transportation of the cable.

Illustration by: multiforme


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