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Open Line Fiberoptic srl is committed to ensuring that the information on this website is accurate and up to date. However it is possible for errors or innaccuracies to occur. If this is the case Open Line Fiberoptic srl will correct these promptly. Open Line Fiberoptic srl has the faculty to make any changes or improvements to the products and services offered on this website and will do so at any time without prior warning.

Open Line Fiberoptic srl is not responsible in any way for the Web sites you may access from this current Web site. Open Line Fiberoptic srl gives no guarantee or committment that the use of this Web site will be free from interruptions or errors and accepts no responsibility or obligation with respect to communication errors, delays or breaks in the transmission whilst you are using the Open Line Fiberoptic srl Web site.


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All rights not specifically granted are to be considered confidential. Any unauthorised use of images or text will be considered a violation of the copyright law and autorises  Open Line Fiberoptic srl to protect its rights and those of its legal predecessors by instituting preceedings in accordance with the current legislation.

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